Bolens HT23 10oz Durham Style Mug

Bolens HT23 10oz Durham Style Mug

Mug comes as pictured.

They are 10z 'Durham' style and robust for the workshop
or kitchen, but they break if dropped!

Thousands of printable designs available, so please get in
touch to discuss yours,

if it's 'on the system' then stock prices will be all identical.


We're not particulary interested in printing 'Aunt Nessie's' baby though, however you may
want your picture, of your kids on a mug. 

Just think of that memorable image during haymaking etc
that could just go down well in your familes history though.


Setting out of YOUR image will simply add £1.00 across the
board on any mug. Just to allow for time and 'proofs' sent
back as approval. Nothings free these days!